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VMware Desktop Hypervisor Pro

Run Windows, Linux and other virtual machines with VMware Workstation Pro for Windows and Linux or VMware Fusion for Mac, the industry standard desktop hypervisors.

Develop and Test for any platform with VMware Desktop Hypervisors

Our new VMware Desktop Hypervisor licensing provides access to either Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro Applications. To learn more about Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro Apps both contained in VMware Desktop Hypervisor Pro, click on "Learn More". To quickly compare features and choose the application that's right for you click on Compare.

Workstation for Windows and Linux

Industry Defining Desktop Hypervisor for Windows and Linux used by IT Professionals and Developers worldwide. Now with OCI containers and Kubernetes support.


Fusion for Mac

Simply Powerful macOS Desktop Hypervisor App for Mac. Run Windows, macOS or Linux virtual desktops, or build and run OCI containers and Kubernetes clusters.


Fusion and Workstation Desktop Hypervisor Apps

VMware Fusion Pro is more powerful than ever with Windows 11 support on the latest Macs with Apple silicon, including a built-in 'Get Windows" feature and full 3D graphics support. On a Linux or Windows PC, VMware Workstation continues to be the leading local virtual sandbox for building, testing and demoing software.

Run Nearly Any Operating System, Virtually

Choose from hundreds of supported operating systems, from cloud-ready Linux distributions to the latest Windows 11, all without rebooting.

Develop and Test for Any Platform

With support for virtual machines, containers, or Kubernetes clusters, Fusion and Workstation provides developers with a versatile and automatable platform to build and test applications of any kind.

Connect to vSphere

Connect Fusion or Workstation to remote vSphere or ESXi servers to launch, control and manage VMs as well as physical hosts. Effortlessly migrate local VMs to your private cloud with the ease of drag-and-drop.

Run Secure and Isolated Desktops

Run a secure second desktop with different privacy settings, tools and networking configurations for online protection, complete with roll-back points called "snapshots" that can be restored later.